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Update date: March 15, 2009. The Ides of March I just realized. The first time I set out to really update this, the front page on the iPoet.com site, i.e. the Homeless Poets Cafe, a non-profit poetry project that got its start when I first started noticing and collecting poetry written by homeless guys, in the Mission in SF and here in Berkeley. That was in the late 90's. The first person I met, or that I remember meeting, was Ricky Teague. The bio I wrote ten plus years ago says he's from the "mean streets of Oakland." I used to live at 23rd and Telegraph Ave., pretty mean those parts, maybe near there that's where I met him, I don't remember exactly, I thought SF. I do remember he had a real system set up - xeroxed poetry and art, selling them for, I forget, a dollar maybe, that must have been about the time that Street Spirit started a trend with helping homeless people peddling reading material.

Anyway, I started noticing more homeless poets and started collecing their poetry and promising to "put you online if I get a chance". So, voila!, I got a chance to register a domain name and picked iPoet.com (the "i" is for "i"tinerant). Looking through the iPoet archive, I see that Ricky Teague and Richard Spadaro are the only two homeless poets whom I met "on the street" somewhere. Then there was Jimbow Bailey and Katrina Trea whom I met on the Albany Bulb where they were camped. I'm trying to remember, meeting them must have been the trigger to starting this site. The poetry from Ricky Teague I had collected a year or two earlier and had it in my desk. Yeah. Oh, and I wanted to mention that I stumbled upon the Nuyorican Poets Cafe website and I wished I were in NYC to go visit there. First time for that. Wishing I were in New York, that is. An Ides of March thing? Random Links: /a> FREE PUSSY RIOT