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Update date: May 18, 2020. Welcome to iPoet.com/, the Homeless Poets' Cafe, a non-profit poetry project that got its start in the late 90's, when I first started noticing and collecting poetry written by homeless men and women, in the Mission District in SF and here in Berkeley and Oakland. That was 20 some years ago. The first poet I remember meeting was Ricky Teague. The bio I wrote fifteen years ago says he's from the "mean streets of Oakland." I used to live myself at 23rd and Telegraph Ave., pretty mean those streets sometimes, maybe near there is where I met him. I do remember he had a great little system set up - xeroxed poetry and art, selling them for, I forget, a dollar maybe. That must have been about the time that Street Spirit started a trend helping homeless people peddling reading material.

Anyway, I started noticing more homeless poets and started collecing their poetry and promising to "put you online if I get a chance". So, voila!, I got a chance to register a domain name and picked iPoet.com (the "i" is for "i"tinerant). Looking through the iPoet archive, I see that Ricky Teague and Richard Spadaro are the only two homeless poets whom I met "on the street" somewhere. Then there was Jimbow Bailey and Katrina Trea whom I met on the Albany Bulb where they were camped. Meeting them was the immediate trigger to starting this website. The poetry from Ricky Teague I had collected a year or two earlier and had it in my desk. Yeah. Oh, and I wanted to mention that I stumbled upon the Nuyorican Poets Cafe website and I wished I were in NYC to go visit there. First time for that. Wishing I were in New York, that is. A lot of fine poets touch down there: Darren Sardelli and his iPoet.org Laugh-a-Lot poetry is there. Chalmers University of Technology is in Sweden though, so their offer of their own brand of "iPoet" scholarships may be hard to find by the average New Yorker - And then SourceForge has "iPoet" software for "creating computer-generated poetry

Now, onto: The Homeless Poets' Poetry Archive / Cafe Zero

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