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i and the homeless poets' cafe

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Jenelle Linsmeier !

featured work:
on a park swing

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Bio by the author...
i am nothing at times, everything at others, which might be
whom im not sure. to most i am Jenelle Linsmeier, born in a little hospital
sunny California, Aug. 15, 1983. i started writing one day because i felt
like i randomly scribble down thoughts whenever they come to mind
a notebook i take with me most everywhere. and perhaps i am an aspiring
beatnik, or poet, or whichever, but for now i sit in my little world of
highschool and parent rule, constraints that won't exactly let me run off
city lights books or the east coast. i sit long periods of time and ponder
existence and the "wonders" of our "democratic" society. so yes, im a
dreamer, at times a cynic

i cried and left my madness running down my
pretending temporary insanity the door opens and i smile cry again for the
fallen man

copyright 2000 Janelle Linsmeier

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