PHOTO: Faith and friend.

FAITH the Chow Hound

. dateline: Albany, CA - 4/21/99
. Reporter: J/H.Lionheart for FEATURES

Note: This little dog was given to me (on March 16) by a very nice couple who live at the Albany Landfill and whose watch dog, a brown keeshound, mated with a black chow, and gave birth (in January) to a litter of very nice dogs (little 'chow-hounds':-). They really should be their own breed, they are such exceptional beasts. The puppy that I got, now named Faith, is, well, the best dog I've ever had, or that anybody in my household has ever had. And she has 5 brothers and sisters that need homes. If you want a good dog, email me, and I'll put you in touch with the owners. They're being evicted from the above-mentioned landfill where they live and need to find homes for all the dogs, and of course themselves. (See: the story.) Here's a passage I wrote a couple weeks ago about Faith:

Faith and other friend Faith is the best dog I ever seen, and that's the gospel truth, son, she let me carry her all the way home, and never once let out a peep or got too frisky with her paws. Calm as a cucumber she was. That whole first day she never ate or moved around much. Never drank much water, wouldn't go to the bathroom. It wasn't until about 3:00 pm on the day after I got her, that she finally ate anything at all. She was lying alertly on her side on a blanket, her nose inches from all kinds of goodies we had placed in front of her. She didn't seem ill, just really relaxed, or maybe shy and little overwhelmed, but at any rate, so unpuppy-like. Suddenly she reached out with her teeth (while still lying on her side!) and eagerly bit into a Ritz cracker. She nipped down a few bites of the Ritz and . . . just continued to lay there. Did she have distemper? She seemed healthy. What exactly does that do to a dog anyway? Why wouldn't she eat? Then she suddenly rolled up, tiptoed gingerly to the sunny doorway, and shyly began to explore the patio bricks. Within ten minutes we were frantically dashing to close off the escape routes at the end of the garden. Faith had made a full recovery! She was gamboling, and gazeboing, and gazelleing, and being a regular rambunctious puppy!
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