iPoet comments: The people there need homes too. They want to just be "left alone" with their dogs and yes there is a cat with kittens that are rapidly approaching rare bird-catching age. [Note: The owner of the kittens is a bird lover and knows well the hazards of feral cats, and would ultimately trek them to the pound should he not be to find regular home(s) for them/him. Go get a cat, folks, it's the least you can do. (Map)] The dogs...if you want a good dog, these folk will let you have one cheap, maybe, they like their dogs. The volunteer services of a good-hearted competent veterinarian to inspect and vaccinate and otherwise certify *all* the critters would be greatly appreciated. Maybe Donna's group could start a fund.

REPOST: June 7, 1999

From: Donna Reynolds <dreyn@sirius.com>
Subject: Homeless Evictions:Fosters Needed in SF, CA
Date: 03 Jun 1999 00:00:00 GMT
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I realize it is puppy season and foster homes are choke full right

A homeless encampment in the SF bay area (Albany Dump) is being emptied
this month and the dogs (particularly puppies) of the residents are in

If anyone in this area has word on people who may be able and willing to
foster (and help out both animals AND the homeless people who love them)
...please contact me and I will put you in touch with the person that is
frantically working on the issue.
All foster expenses will be covered by the rescue group(s) involved.