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May all beings be happy. stamp

The four stamps here are zazzle "MEDIUM" size, 2.1" x 1.3" (not to scale)

Let me forgive and be happy. stamp Forgiveness is the Key to Happiness - stamp

The stamps below are zazzle "LARGE" size, 2.5" x 1.5" (not to scale)

Forgiveness is the Home of Miracles stamp Holy are you, eternal, free, and whole stamp You are never upset for the reason y... stamp Help me recognize that all my proble... stamp

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"When you are sad, know that this need not be. Depression always arises ultimately from a sense of being deprived of something you want and do not have. Know you are deprived of nothing except by your own decisions, and then decide otherwise."
Ch 4 Sec V The Escape from Fear, par 59