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The New Disaster Relief Handbook

Use this EASY-TO-READ, EASY-TO-FOLLOW guide to:

WITH: Grants and Loans Drawing of Noah landing the ark - Link to: Start Page AFTER: flood, hurricane...or other declared disaster
Disaster: Aid: America: Moneybook: (tm)

How to get 10,000's of dollars in free IFGP and FEMA grants, and low-interest SBA disaster loans.
Know what to do in case of serious disaster damage.
For Homeowners, Renters, Builders, and Disaster Aid Workers.
Learn the secrets to winning grants and loans.

Sail your financial ark safely past . . . .
Red Tape Monsters, SBA Shoals, and FEMA Winds . . to: COMPLETE RECOVERY!
with . . The New Disaster Relief Handbook . . from

Biggs Online Publishing

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      • Public Dedication . . to the amazing community and people of Utica, Indiana who valiantly fought the mighty Ohio River.

      • Foreword - The intent of this book.

      • Disaster Recovery Program Chart - Old fashioned wall chart of the most popular disaster assistance programs. Available in real poster size.

      • Introduction - Notes from the Author. A brief biography, how the author got into disaster relief work, why the book was written, a synopsis, and more.

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