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The New Disaster Relief Handbook

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Book Reviews

1. Red Cross: January 1995. The Author, upon completing a first draft of what was to become the NDRH (then titled: The Only Guide to FEMA Disaster Benefits), at the suggestion of his ex-wife, walked a copy to the Red Cross office in downtown Oakland though a pouring rainstorm. A Red Cross official looked the book over briefly and announced it would be forwarded to the regional office in San Francisco, across the Bay Bridge. The next day, shivering in his den aboard the good ship Snickersnee, he heard the telephone ring. "That would be me," he replied when a woman, identifying herself as Beverly Butler, Chief Communications Officer, Bay Area Red Cross, asked for the author of the disaster handbook. "Oh," she exclaimed, "This book is wonderful! You sure cover all the bases!"

2. Nolo Press: Spring 1995. The Author, bouyed by the above unsolicited praise given his work by someone possibly, for all he knew, of greater import than the great Clara Barton herself, at the urging of his good friend (and future wife) Lily B., took a primitive printing of TOGTFDB to the offices of Nolo Press, the prestigious Berkeley self-help legal publisher, slipped it shyly under the side door, and was rewarded with this review (photocopy) in their next quarterly newsletter:
"This slim, spiral-bound book has a homemade feel but is full of solid useful information. It gives an overview of how FEMA can help you, answering many questions you're likely to have if you need emergency aid, and details how to apply for aid, document your claim and deal with the FEMA bureaucracy."

3. Natural Hazards Observer magazine: May 1997: Section: Recent Publications: First entry: Disaster Relief Handbook (the immediate forerunner to The New Disaster Relief Handbook.
"This book, written for homeowners, renters, builders, and disaster aid workers, describes how to obtain federal disaster relief. It contains sections that explain how federal disaster assistance works, eligibility requirements, covered losses for structural damage and housing assistance, personal property losses and other personal expenses, applying for assistance, assembling documentation, the inspection process, the Small Business Administration Disaster Loan Program, and special problems created by disasters."


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