One Woman, Two Votes

Date of entry: November 15, 2010

Hello. I am a man. This website and the idea behind this website are solely my doing. The women I have broached the idea to (and there haven't been many) have mixed opinions. Basically, beginning with the election of 2000, One Woman equals Two Votes I have consulted with one or another of my (what I see as) could-be-more-empowered women friends or family beforehand, and promised to vote the way she was going to vote, in order to "double their vote" i.e. to give them two votes in effect (and me none, but so be it). I have done this every election since then. Two different women have served (somewhat trepidatiously) as the relevant "one woman" in the equation; the first woman in 2000, 2002, 2004, and the second in 2006, 2008, and 2010.

Results: Both women seem to have become somewhat more empowered over the course of their respective engagement. Progress is subjective though, mostly, a bit anecdotal maybe. I need to survey them formally, but, both being rather shy in nature, I'm inclined to believe that they probably wouldn't claim any empowerment progress for themselves, or if they did, they wouldn't credit my experiment with any responsiblity. So be it, I may be full of it... I'll get back to you on that...

I have just started working on this website. I wish to promote the idea. I think it has merit. My personal feeling is that men have screwed up the planet pretty well. Their main forte seems to be fighting each other, and harming a lot of innocent people, usually mostly women and children in the process. And accomplishing very little. I think we men need to turn over the management of the planet to the women. Not that I personally manage much of anything other than myselI, I don't think they could hardly do worse, and the possiblities of improvement are immense, don't you think? Most men seem reluctant to give up power, however, and sometimes women seem reluctant to accept it, maybe more indicative of how much their abilities and possibilities have been ground into dust by the men in their life. (see: Mira Sorvino's story>

(I need help here with webpage construction, comment boards, writing, organizing, etc.). I think this should be a primarily male driven idea, this giving to women 'two votes', don't you? But the women will need to take it from there, use the extra vote wisely, consciously, calling on their maybe gender different perspective when such exists on any matter.

I'd also like to explore the idea of what I heard Alice Walker once lecture on, "grandmothers' circles" and "Government by Grandmother" - here's a link and here's another:

(end of entry, Nov 15, 2010)

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