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Features index

1).People Are Trees, Too,
the history of the Albany Bulb *homeless* community 1999
   -Robert the Rabbit
   -Maps to Albany Landfill
   -Manifesto Poetry Review (as published in June 99 Street Spirit newspaper)
   -Edge City (as published in East Bay Express newspaper April 9, 1999)
   -Residents despair at leaving landfill (link to: SF Examiner story June 1, 1999)
   -Update June 4, 1999 Photos and story from iPoet
   -Animal Foster Homes Needed posted June 7
   -More Photos from Robert the Rabbit Posted June 9, 1999
   -Rally Poster - Rally "To Save Our Homes" June 12-13
   -Homeless Make Daring Rescue - posted June 14th
   -Rebel Housing SF Chronicle story June 16
   -Animal Welfare Programs SF Chronicle story June 18
   -Eviction Postponed until June 21 - posted June 18th
   -More Photos from Robert the Rabbit Posted June 23, 1999, pix taken June 12-14 1999
   -Trailers not quite ready - posted June 24th
   -Original 'Resurrection City' - a camp-in protest initiated by Martin Luther King, Jr.
   -Bulb Poets
     -Jimbow Bailey
     -Katrina Trea
   -Other Reference
     -Albany Government home page
   -Related News Items
     -L.A. Homeless Camp bulldozed by absentee landowner (L.A.Times May 26, 1999)
     -A Call for Compassion (L.A.Times May 27, 1999)
     -Better Late Than Never!!! Necessity Defense Prevails for Landfill Resident(s)
     -Thomas McCabe Video Documentary

2).Hyperlink Poetry
   -a dot, a poem, by Adot Webb
   -beautiful nature, by Neomi mantown, by Adot Webb

3).Good Humor
   -'Bad' Trademarks Good Humor

Archive Catagory
   Individual Poet
      Featured Work

1: Classic
   Homer the Greek
       The Odyssey
   Walt Whitman
       Song of the Open Road
   Mark Twain
       Roughing It
   Henry Longfellow
       Song of Hiawatha
   Emily Dickinson
       Hope is the Thing with Feathers

2: Original
       Sea of Memories
   Voltarine DeCleyre
       Love's Ghost
   Lance Blake
       Sleep Watcher
       Long Ride Home
   Julia Vinograd
       Street Fiddler
   Sam Walter Foss
       House by the Side of the Road
   Elana Alice Pane
       Pillar of Salt
   George E. Neilson
       Floating Away
   Kurt Nelson
       Beauty Goes On Without (Part 1)
       Harbor Boulevard
   Mahmoud Darwish
       Identity Card
   Mary Oliver
       John Chapman

3: Spadaro
   Richard Spadaro
       Captain of Silence
       Complete Poems
   Good Indian Joe

4: Beat
   Ricky Teague
       Four Corners
       Not Knowing
   Jimbow Bailey
       Moon Burn
   Bonnie Briggs
       Will I?
   Cat Lyons
       Boast, Woman
   Ryan Keith
       The Getaway
   Zukelia Mack
       A Homeless Man's Cry
       What Happened
   Wendell Brown
       Mother Hubbard's Son
   Anne Ardolino
       Ode to Gregory Corso

5: DeadBeat
   Allen Ginsberg
       Kaddish 44
   Jack Kerouac
       On the Road (excerpt)
       Dharma Bums (excerpt)
   William Burroughs
       Naked Lunch (excerpt)

6: Romantic
   Sylvia Plath
   Katrina Trea
       I Am On Top
   Bryan Glogowski
       A Poem
   Janelle Linsmeier
       On a Park Swing
   Glenn Smith
       Pacific Miss
   Margaret Tilden
       Albany Bulb
   Gladys Sofia Acosta
       Eden Again
   Dave Barry
       Soulless Nation

7: Rhythmic
   Woody Guthrie
       Ramblin' Round (review)
   Thomas Moore
       The Wandering Bard
   Chris Hayden
       Check Out Dis Gumbo
       Sweet Sweet Name
       Kongo Groove
   Vachel Lindsay
   Jerry Garcia

8: Beyond
   Jelaluddin Rumi
       Thou and I
   William Blake
       The Little Vagabond
       The Tyger
   Johann Goethe
       Der Fischer
   Alice Walker
       The Color Purple
       For My Sister Molly...
   Martin Luther King, Jr.
       I Have A Dream
       Loving Your Enemies
   Mr. S. N. Goenka
       The Art of Living