Bob Rocks The Cradle Big Island Beds
Dolphin Dreams(tm)

Designed and Painted by John Lionheart and Rose Sealheart.

Bed Features:
Solid mortise and through-tenon construction. Easy to build and assemble. Fun to Decorate. The Bed for a Peaceful Sleep.

Scalable Plans:
One Complete Set: $8.00 plus $3/mailing. CA residents add $0.68 s/tax. Plans Order Form

Tools required:
Jigsaw, router with a) 1/4" radius roundover bit and b) straight (cut-off) bit, palm sander, handsaw or cutoff saw, t-square and tape measure, screwdriver, straight edge and clamps, paintbrushes.

Buy Ready Made Bed:
We can can build and ship any bed. Price depends on material and finish desired. - For more information click here.

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Bobs Big Island Beds

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