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The September 2009 Adot - Spotlight is on the:

(links to Fine Treehouse Building)

For all the late 2009 hurry-up-and-build-it-before-it-starts-to-rain-or-the next-economic-slowdown-occurs building and maintenance projects a'blooming in the hills of North Berkeley, Kensington, El Cerrito, Pietmont, and Montclair, homeowners take note that there are for the moment two fine yet underemployed carpenter-builders in your neighborhood eager to find a complimentary autumn project near to their home on Hilldale Avenue near Grizzly Peak. A boon to you, a boon to them. John Lionheart is a former union carpenter and licensed general contractor who worked for FEMA part time in in the 80's and 90's in far flung locations as a disaster housing inspector, and more recently locally as a residential and commercial property insurance adjuster. He is 59 years old. His hobbies are building treehouses and webpages. He is currently working on starting a non-profit called Einstein's Clubhouse.
Barry Brock is recent transplant from Massachusetts. He is a union carpenter also with contracting experience and top notch tools. Barry is 55 years old. He's popular with the ladies and quick with a joke and a laugh. Both are excellent finish carpenters, tile setters, and all around handy-type persons, who can even wire a new circuit or replace a sewer line if the project requires it. You can email John and Barry or call: John 510-910-0635 - and if he doesn't answer, try Barry at 510-499-3278
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- a combination of Dharma, Artha, and Kama

... These three goals, known as the trivarga, or three-fold aims, are to be attempted in this life, according to ancient Hindu thought. All three are fairly complex concepts, but to express them simply - Dharma is the path of right action in accordance with the Holy Writ, of righteousness, of ethical principles. Artha is the pursuit of economic interests, the accumulation of wealth and material goods. Kama is the conscious enjoyment of life and nature. Man must practice all three; each at the appropriate time and in such a manner that they may harmonize. Though Dharma is recognized as being superior to Artha, and that in turn to Kama, Vatsyayana enjoins the practice of all three for happiness, a nice balance between spiritual, material and sensual objectives. From: http://rareart.hypermart.net/kama.htm