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The modern concept of private property is a sham and a travesty. The richest 200 individuals in the world, mostly adult white males, average 10 MILLION (10,000,000) times as much income as do the poorest 2,000,000,000 individuals on the planet, who are mostly women and children of color. This is neither fair nor democratic.

Capitalism is a game whose purpose has been reached and whose time is over. Thanks to the mostly fearful motives of our common ancestors, the lords of land and capital, we have grand new tools with which to create a brighter future for ourselves and our posterity. And...

Thanks to the selfless contributions of our other common ancestors (the women and other subjugated people) who over the centuries have faithfully and quietly attended not only to the survival of their own families and their own offspring and their own communities, but have attended gracefully as well to the survival of the families and offspring and communities of others, in particular those families, offspring, and communities of the lords of land and capital,

Thereby through their labor ensuring a rich and genetically diverse future for us all. Whereas without their contributions we all would have no future, bright or otherwise, and to them thus we owe everything. Those who have heretofore generously consented to serve man and society over the last few thousand years as slaves and servants, cannon fodder and field hands in leige to the lords of land and capital and their childish mobs of greedy and ruthless admirers. Well...

No more, Sistah...

Women make up a majority of the world's adult population, particularly in the industrialized democracies, where upwards of 55% of all registered voters are women. Now is the time for woman to complete the cycle, now is the time for woman to arise and claim access to and responsibility for her fair share of the world's resources.

Any philosophy or teaching that thwarts or delays this resurgence of righteous feminism can be gently amended or abandoned, be it Communism or Capitalism, Catholicism, Judaism, or Buddism.

Imagine there is no heaven, no hell below us, above us only sky.

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