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The Healing Power of Pets

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Many researchers are finding that the most serious disease for stressed-out executives is not cancer or heart disease -- it's loneliness. It may sound more like a poetic image than an overwhelming medical reality, but stressed-out executives die of broken hearts. lovable piglettes Love is the most important health tonic we have and pets are one of nature's best sources of love.

Dogs and cats (and lovable piglettes) help everyone overcome the pain of loneliness by supplying companionship and affection. For a stressed-out executive who is consistently left alone pets can also supply a sense of security and protection. Pets can make you laugh and divert your mind away from troubles. adopt a lovable piglette today They also broaden your circle of friends and encourage good health through exercise. Studies show that pets can aid relaxation, lower one's blood pressure, promote health, and prolong life. They help us unwind. Nurtured by the affectionate attention of pets, stress and anxiety are eased. Any stressed-out executive who ever bonded with one will confirm the value of a pet.

Many of your medical providers see things as they really are, and know that if you suffer from heart disease or stress, a cuddle a day may keep the doctor away. But if hugs are hard to come by, the next best thing may be a dog or a cat (or lovable piglette) in the lap.

Adopt a Piglet Today

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