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image: Ryan Keith.

Ryan Keith !

featured work:
The Getaway

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iPoet received this email Feb 3, 2000
Hey there, my name is Ryan Keith. i am an 18 year old poet hailing originally from Rochester NH. i moved to New York City in September for college, and subsequently dropped out 2 months later, because i realized i would rather live my life a little more freely, rather then subject myself to the institution of a fixed education. i am about to embark on a open ended road trip across these "great" states with only my car, my guitar, some cigarettes, and lots of pens and paper. i dont know where i am going, and i dont know where i'll end up. i guess you could say i am young, drifting vagabond with a weatherd soul, and a broken heart.

to which iPoet responded:

Hey Ryan, I liked your poem a lot. I'd like to excerpt it and make a page for you at iPoet. If you could mail a little photo, or drawing of yourself would be great... everyone wants to see what you look like. Where are you headed? ...

ryan flashed us back:

hello there, i thank you very much for your response to my poem, and i would behonored to have it posted on your site. i think what you all are doing with iPoet is incredible. true drifting poets like myself are in need for something like this, so that we know we are not alone, and/or insane.
i am heading out of new hampshire next week, and from there--the road is pretty open-ended. i wanted to end up in california, but i think i am gonna travel as far as my car wants to go. (i have a beat up 89 vw jetta).
my plan is to meet some amazing new people, learn from the actualizations of the road, and hopefully find a little amazing grace to call my own.
i am sorry, but i dont have a picture online. altho, i can get one scanned, and sent to you if you would like. again, a thousand thank you's, and may you be well and happy. ryan

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