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They Say It's All Around Me

Ron Roenbeck
copyright Ron Roenbeck

I once smiled.  A silly thing to do in a world of chaos.
Something made it happen.  I can’t remember what, but…..I smiled.
It could have been that crossing guard with the rabbit ears…..
Maybe it was the fat lady on the bus, with her belly shirt hiked up too high.
Something made me smile…..ear to ear.
Yet there is chaos.  Everywhere.
How can I find joy in the world…..?
Where do I look?
They say it’s all around me….but all I see is the chaos.
Sometimes it makes me sad…..the chaos.
Or is it not being able to find the joy?
I don’t know….  I’m still trying to remember what made me smile!
But I did.  I’m sure of it.
Wait, that’s it!
 I smiled, when someone smiled….at me!
Nobody special…..just passed him on the sidewalk.
He had no reason to smile…..but he did.
I had no reason to smile back…..but I did.
With all the chaos…..a moment of joy?
A simple act.
But it felt good…..for that moment.
The moment is over.  Now what?
How long until the next “moment”?
Joy amidst the chaos.
They say it’s all around me…..I think I’m starting to see it.
It’s everywhere, but you have to look.
You have to look hard to see through the chaos.
It IS the crossing guard with the rabbit ears….
The fat lady with the belly shirt….
The guy at work with the bad jokes….
The last few spoons of that bowl of melted ice cream….
It IS knowing that there are so many people that love me….whom I love too.
The sparkle in a child’s eye when their hero, you, walk into the room.
It IS that guy that smiled at me on the street.
Just a smile.
A simple act…..but amongst the strongest powers on earth, apparently.
Maybe I should look harder.
Maybe the joy is a part of the chaos.
They say it’s all around me.

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