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'Bob' file photo The web site: and The Homeless Poets Cafe is the brain child of an independently wealthy poet and society bon vivant, who wishes to remain anonymous. Our Mr. Sponsoring Poet maintains a residence near San Francisco, California, and it was there that he noticed more than a few dedicated bards struggling for recognition among the ranks of the ordinary homeless. Feeling some measure of kinship with these deserving folk, he set out to create a mechanism whereby struggling poets everywhere could more easily disseminate their work and find opportunity. Viola! The "iPoet" site was born!

To join in the management of this site, or to provide some other measure of encouragement for the staff or contributors, or donate your car, truck, boat, or other unusual donation, please email to Non-Cash Donations. To donate money, please use our PayPal account here: Regular Donations Here Every gift will be gratefully received and wisely used. If you want to donate to a specific poet represented on, email us first before you donate, we will try and locate that person so that you can donate directly to her/him if you wish. If we can't find the person, we will notify you of that also. (The site dates from the late 1990's). THANK YOU VERY MUCH
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