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Hi everyone. Here are my six latest Porter family birth announcement postage stamp designs. These are real US postage made through USPS authorized agent, If you want to order any of these stamps, for yourself and/or to give as a gift, you can either:

a) To order separately, click on the stamp image to be whisked to each stamp's product page ("The Lion's Den") and complete your purchase there. Stamps sold in sheets of 20 self stick postage stamps. Note there is a $2 discount per sheet for orders of 2 sheets or more. You can order 2 sheets of the same stamp or 2 different stamps to get the discounts. You can find dozens of other Porter family stamp designs on my page there, including a few "Wheelersburg Pirate" theme stamps. OR...

b) To get in on a family group order being put together by me here in California (but seeded by Papaw and Granny Jo, who want and have paid for 1/2 sheet (10 stamps) of each of the six birth stamp designs). See my family / Burg stamp design inventory at link above. Price per sheet of stamps $17 apiece, includes Zazzle shipping. Pickup at Granny Jo and Papaw's Zazzle substation and distribution center in uptown Wheelersburg approx 1 weeks after order placed. Please email your order to me at Questions to same address. When you and I confirm your order, you can use the Paypal link below to make prepayment to me, or wait and pay Granny Jo and Papaw when you pick them up, whatever is easiest for you.

NO INTEREST IN PARTIAL ORDERS SO FAR THIS ORDER. Minimum partial order, please, 10 stamps, mix or match. email me

PS: . My services always available. And that birth announcement stamp design is customizable with your own photo rather than the clip art.

We expect to place order Monday April 4, 2011, (this order at 9 sheets of stamps so far Updated Saturday am, April 2, 2011) - Note we get a further discount for orders of 11 and more, so only three more to go, save everybody a buck a sheet.

  • Updated Saturday am, April 2, 2011