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Happy Mothers Day 2011

Custom postage, about: It's fun to create your own stamp designs. Zazzle has a fantastic process, you can create a real professional looking postage stamp using their design tools. You can add text in many styles and your choice of colors and size. You can add multiple texts of different styles, colors and sizes. Look at the Birth Announcement stamps above for an example. Even the little hearts are a "text" symbol option. The other postage stamp creation company isn't very versatile. They hava a plain Jane cookie cutter approach. They are a tiny bit cheaper, but I think it's worth the couple dollars more you pay for Zazzle's advanced process to get a really good-looking stamp design. My own stamps are collector items, at least in the eyes of my family and friends. That's why I offer to help design your stamp. The Zazzle process uses professional graphic design tools, and you can get a professional result, but it helps to know your way around graphic design tools first. And remember that the finished image is pretty small, even the biggest stamp has an image space only 1.7" x 1.2" - you can make a fine looking stamp with a lot of visual and graphic information - but you need to keep your resolution razor sharp. Problems: the stamp image shows up a bit differently on the digital design "table" than it does in real life, and the various monitors and browsers can also enlarge or even distort the image. I take all that into account. Email me if you get stuck or need advice.
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