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Gregory Henderson
copyright Gregory Henderson

My silhouette in the distance does a blessed dance
Two rhythmic motions of grace and romance
Step one aligns my soul with the aires-
Of divinity's daunting breadth-
Step two fondly shares shekinah's debonnaire
And effeminately glorious wealth....

Together as one this synthesis yields, the cosmos
Yin and Yang, lilacs and their fields.
Yet alone a different tone bemoans I, to the bone-
And despair doth strike me so....t'was it a dream-
Thee and I, earth and sky, like the sigh of a
Reverential child enveloped by delight?

Tho' often convinced by belied innocence,
In a sense I knoweth naught-for whenever
The whisper of the winds arouses the leaves,
Or the seam of that dress
-Evening's eloquent canvass-
Surrenders a host, which descends through the night-

That spell is broken, a token of our esteem
Returns to my heart, like the piece of a dream
Tho' 49 of 72 of the pieces hath fell-
And I, in my youth doth resemble a shell
Of the youth, you loved, my beloved,
Tho time- applies not to we, whilst others repine-

For I, the Father and thou my Bride
Have existed since their was but naught to divide
But without thee, my dear,despair doth abide
And existence just isn't the same....

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