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Jimbow James Lee Bailey Hobow

A TRAIN OF THOUGHT   © by Jimbow James Lee Bailey Hobow I want to catch that train It seems to always be on my brain It?s been so long it drives me insane I miss it so when I hear the whistle blow I want to go with the flow Wherever that train will go Will it go slow? I really don?t know When I was younger and full of glee The train had a spell on me Late at night with the echo of The train through the valley floor I dreamed I?d ride again once more Now that I?m 50 or more, sometimes sore Finding that home gardening is a bore I walk along the core. Will I ever ride again? In my mind it?s not a sin But if I ever get a chance You bet I will at that Thank you, Train of Thought ******************************************* RAINSTORM AT THE LANDFILL   © by Jimbow James Lee Bailey Hobow A shimmering twilight exposes the night. The rain has come and lightning might. The Landfill Folk are wet tonight. The rain drops come faster, harder. Sounds like a pecking order on a tent roof. It creeps slowly into all my waiting. The coyote bushes brush wet Against everything from head to toe No matter where you go. At first it seems such a delight Especially at night. You have to keep hold of your sight. I know all the trails by heart. I move as if I were a dart. I?ve been here five winters of my time. The first rain hasn?t changed a dime. Being a Landfill Folk is hard. I no longer carry my I.D. card. Everything is wet and glued to the ground. It beats your mind so bad you want to whine That?s not very good or kind. The storm gave way to an angry woosh! Last night in the Landfill The anger and the growing plight The years I?ve been here. Wetness sticks into your soul and sight What a night. ******************************************* PEACE IS A BITE AWAY   © by Jimbow James Lee Bailey Hobow I feel the Rebel tears run down my face. The blood is pounding in my brain. Anger is a kiss, an afterthought. The days have been five and only water. The hunger pains return from childhood. The spell is broken. The eyes stare at lost light. Reflections of a shadowing dawn. The mind is not, a cloud of mist. The tears are forced out of the eyes, Heavy with unwanted sleep. Nothing is or what it was, Forecasting another doom. Ages of music bounce off the sky. The wind struts immediate dread. The earth?s floor slides in front, Gleaming at my feet, wondering, intense. The birds play a broken record. Happy at Spring, shimmering with lust. I feel like a floater catching fish. The shade rocks, the trees talk. The Bulb of blue with a whiff of fog, Strutting across the sky. The fog smashing upon the ground. Changing time, for change it craves. The body is wracked with hunger, Eating itself. Only the water revives. The giver of life. Coming to terms with the pangs, A knowing loss. The days are blended together like mud. Peace is a bite away. ******************************************* FEAR   © by Jimbow James Lee Bailey Hobow Fear the police, Fear the smog, Fear being homeless, Fear death, Fear not. Fear is the mind killer. Mind is fear. To think is fear. To have sex is fear. To never fear is painless? Angels cannot fear, God is not fear, Children consume fear. Fear breeds more fear. My head aches with fear. Fear is smelled by no fear. Therefore you live longer Without fear. ******************************************* LANDFILL FOLKS   © by Jimbow James Lee Bailey Hobow       In memory of Rabbit, John Paul and the many People who made a home on the Albany Bulb. Landfill in its own right, bright. Little noise here at night. No more of the Landfill flight. Now people have walked on it like flies Every type and every size. People wanting to know the hype Of the Landfill sight. A Landfill movie, now in time, Shows that there was no crime. As I come back on my roam, The city gleams across the bay. Moving sound rebounds, Making many buzzing thoughts abound. Daylight plays twilight, making the mood Mellow, thoughtful, meaningful. Clouds? spark and blue-bank streaks of Light play on the mind with laughter. The winter haze has exited and Spring has sprung its zip. Painting green upon once-faded places New things replace last year with new hope. The night sky zooms towards you aqs You stand over the bluff. For the other side seems endless, Twinkling lights pounding on the iris. The look of glass, the ocean, Spots of blue, fresh view. A whole world different than any on earth Built from trash and whatnot. A time machine, so many types of Trash and old seeds. The wind freezes the sound waves, While the sun stets. Now the wonder of the Bulb?s night returns. No sound, clear and sharp as night can be. Bushes talking as they dance. Beating on the mind, fear of the unseen. The shadows of the night are rapid. Moving animals, moved by hunger. They circle the Bulb at lightning speed. The abandoned camps offer little food. The spring chill bites into every unloving and Living soul as the circle of new life goes on. A new park for Landfill folk? What?s their fate? A Rabbit working to help so few. Who are left? The Bulb will always show his trails. Four years of no rest, he chatters. The Bulb now remembers one of our own. John Paul, I think of him now and then. I know he?s happier being the wind. A part of home. ******************************************* LANDFILL FOLK   © by Jimbow James Lee Bailey Hobow Uprooting the Landfill Folk, For the time zone is coming Coming down on top of their heads, Like into a white bone. Land folk scattered in anger and thought For their camps sit abandoned and Their tools start to rot. The very thought of a march came true But the newspapers make out that Everyone was shabby and blue. The birds don?t seem to sing or hear, They fear a time zone flashing here. The summer has peaked its glory out here. The landfill is divided and ready to shear. I hear a time zone near. It?s here. The council woman has no thought. She?s never been hungry plus she lies a lot. The landfill folk know each other by name. But those who govern Albany Point out others? blame. Pray for the fleet to go away. Landfill folk really want to stay. I may! ******************************************* ALBANY LANDFILL   © by Jimbow James Lee Bailey Hobow Moon burn on an April night Changing into May Day flight Landfill changing into a time zone, White bone. The hold out? That the ocean Gives them no rest. I only hope for the best! I?ve kept this place, betting To end a race, beating time. The flowers are blooming Birds are singing near. But I see a time zone coming On a full moon night. Goats hide in bushes, delighted At following the silvery Haze of the moon?s flight. By day the sun shines a blue Clarity as in no other place. For the time zone keeps coming, Flashing closer. The ocean knows somehow. So as all things here, Even the residents are unsure Their ears tied to the ground. For five and one half years I?ve spent here, Watching the seasons come and go. But this time I want it real slow. Landfill fleet, here to go, I?m sorry but not crazy. Jimbow the Hobow (James Lee Bailey) is a longtime Berkeley street person who has been homeless and ridden the rails a lot. ******************************************* PLANTS   © by Jimbow James Lee Bailey Hobow Plants cast upon you a strange light. They fold up to go to sleep at night. You say you don?t believe? Take a look at a fern under its sleeve. Don?t get lost in the Warm green moss. Rose is for love. Sunflower?s a gift from above. So don?t pick flowers when you walk. You?ll stop the plant talk. ******************************************* THE BIG ?08   © by Jimbow James Lee Bailey Hobow Anti Crist Undercover Cellphone Cry Wolf Three Times No One Home New Age Hobow?s Looking Upside Down In A Dead Ditch To Anywhere Except?????????????????? ******************************************* A NEW ERA   © by Jimbow James Lee Bailey Hobow 6-16-09 Welcome to the 21st Century. Wars have flowed unabated The banks fold under while Cars don?t sell well. The World?s money problems call For one hell of a bail. Houses don?t get no slack People losing jobs like dice in a game Their overspending has now caught the mouse A move to pump the fake money, That isn?t for real The World has shrunk in media size Smaller spy stuff so no one can hide Not even the C.E.O. can change that demise Our new leader is pushing, Not much, Everyone seems to have his trust For all of us, it?s a game or bust. ******************************************* STREET LAW   © by Jimbow James Lee Bailey Hobow 6/24/09 I?m writing in the library of law. I cannot see a fake, without Your time is crushing me. Why is everyone playing with themselves? Can I now speak?? Unto the laws that make us social animals. Push my clock into a place, Where much to deal with isn?t right. I no longer have friends on the horizon. Which means, I need the book Of law. ******************************************* UNTITLED   © by Jimbow James Lee Bailey Hobow The stock market crashes. The rich tell a forboding tale. The world?s poor scrounge as bugs. While Bush employs a lasting lie. The war machine dresses like a whore. The patriot idea enholds no fear. The blood runs from the young to Please the oil. Not the sun (son) The game of chess is played on the backs of the unjust. To keep the circle moving, only to See it repeat itself. The freedom to lie in the name of a Threat that cannot be. Only to keep knowledge from the eye. Anyone with common sense can see The tides are turning. As the moon moves another inch since the Dawn of time Will the rotation throw our race to an endless Earth? ******************************************* BERKELEY CITY   © by Jimbow James Lee Bailey Hobow Written on 2/27/09 I came upon a mound Deep in the city. This is what I found How to be a homeless man By banging my tin can Smelling the food from a dumpster store No longer sets it out for the poor Their own people need it more. Being homeless now is not by oneself It?s plain to see why so many don?t think, It could be them. ******************************************* T.V. SET   © by Jimbow James Lee Bailey Hobow Slash kindness Console faith Road rage Phone page Dead trees Out of breath A human bomb Loose upon the world Drones May I spy Black President Cold mud Cool thoughts Hot sex See sports run Eighth grade T.V. set Lookback Intense Reject Delete Exit Forward. ******************************************* CHANGE (WHATTE?)   © by Jimbow James Lee Bailey Hobow We know what this land has become. Most people I talk to are not that dumb. What?s the future? What?s it to some? I know now that the streets Are as cold as I.C.E. More problems and they?re not nice You beg the streets for money It?s so hard. It?s really not funny. Way back around ?71 it was kinda fun There was music and sights on the streets at night Nowadays the nights, a jungle entwined in lust or bust The police are only looking for the poor To trap, taking a nap. Snore no more, for their ears will find them. Crack the dawn, and move on down the line. As the ants will arise, small for their size. Now the corn is made to fuel, For the food there is no Golden Rule. What are people eating over there? Seems their own government doesn?t care While the starving can only stare. The weather is beating us over our heads So many fires, so much dread. Seems the news isn?t good, For the head, that said. The poor are killed because of their kind. The Earth has become a smog filled place Is there any chance for the human race?, Or is there enough space? Is it true? That we can still change the scene? To take back the world and try to dream? Let?s try to do good for our fellow man, Try to understand that we must all change Hope is always there. *******************************************

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