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Pillar of Salt

Elana Alice Pane
no copyright claimed

torment, on a river of deceit
I close my eyes and you take me away to a special place
away from my attackers
to a heaven above
Gliding in air immaculately clean
free of love and pain
where nothing rules my heart
no lust no obsessions
no chains no rules
no him only you
only us,
our souls and minds intertwined
a higher being than ourselves
taken away to a better place
above the heavens and sea
never turning back to the hell behind us
the lives we have always known
our secret unexpressed not lived desires fulfilled
shared together as one
we are one in the same mind and in body
but i must look back
i have too much to lose
only looking back to become a pillar of salt
i cannot resist
i cannot look forward with out looking back
all that is left of me,
no more than a pillar of tinged salt
tainted with the mud of damnation
Impure and ravaged
naked and raped left for dead
in a sea of confusion and longing
lost and scattered
blown to the farthest point away from you
that way you are safe from hell and damnation
free of my woes and pain
and someday i know you shall find me
to bring me back to myself
teach me i need not look back
to beat the odds
defeat all consequences
rise about my poor sinful status
be reborn in your perfection and light
to become your immortal beauty
as you show me the path to your kingdom
and tutor me in the ways of the righteous
you cleans me of my rape and impurities
and on this day we will conquer as one.

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