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. The year, 2060. The place, Mantown. Women don't go there, not without armed escort anyway. Mantown is where men live, mean men, rough men, tough men, hot, dirty, tired men. Men with not much to do, not much to say. Men without women, men...in Mantown.

Shadows surround the unlit streetlamp. broken glass and rubble fill the streets. starving dogs scurry and scramble in and out of the blackness. the moonlight casts a reddish brownish pall over the night. A man howls in the distance. Another, closer, answers.

The Men of Mantown. Dave and Charlie and Slitter. Max and Pete. Conga Man. Mister P. This part of mantown was south of the old armory, an area once known for it's 2 bedroom houses on small 3000 sq foot lots, it's shady lawns, sidewalks, kids on bicycles, breezeways, and picture windows. Leave it to Beaver could have been mad here.

But not now, no picture windows left unbroken now, no shady lawns now. Only weeds and mud, boarded up windows.

Rooftops of Man Town
East Mantown, Oohh! Creepy! Gear Factory -Upstairs West Mantown, Oohh! Creepy!
Despair Gear Factory -Downstairs Darkness
In the depths of MAN TOWN.

Down...in Mantown

Goddess of the Stars 

Why hast thou forsaken me?

Is it something I said?
	(was it something I said?)

Is it something I did?
	(was it something I did?)

The knife in your back?


Oh Come, Come Come,

Come back home Goddess,

Back home to me,

    to Mantown.

copyright 2000 Adot Webb